Sunday, April 04, 2010

Nicole's I-Spy Quilt

I made two of these quilts for my cousins' little babies. Yes, two cousins had babies at the same time. They're about 18 mo now -- just starting to really learn about the world around them. Each quilt has 100 different squares, a number of which have special meaning to both the recipients and the quilt maker. This is Nicole's quilt which she just received yesterday:


Sheila said...

This quilt is awesome. I came across your blog through the navbar tool at the top of blogger and clicked next blog and came upon yours and saw this quilt and just had to say I love it and boy do I want one of those two. What lucky babies. :)


Balwearie said...

Thank you Sheila! I've actually been collecting the fabrics I used for almost 15 years and I think that makes a big difference when doing one of these quilts. They're so much fun to make and from the reports I get back -- so much fun to play with!