Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mad Tea Party

My mother, whose birthday is in March, has always loved "Alice in Wonderland" -- especially the Hatter. So this year when they brought out fabric with the original Tenniel illustrations, I knew I had to make her a table runner for her birthday. I gave it to her a bit early so she could use it at her bridge party. Gotta love those Mean Mothers!

I promise I'll take some "more better pictures" once I learn more about my new camera. With out further ado, here it is!

"Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but never jam today!" Featured in this close-up...."yesterday's jam".


Judy Scott said...

I love this - didn't know you could get Alice fabric. Thank you for the lovely comment Judy x

Balwearie said...

There are actually two lines out now based on the original Tenniel illustrations as well as another which is more cartoony.

urban craft said...

This is so wonderful pieced together with everything alice in wonderful. Lovely!

Balwearie said...

Thanks Urban!