Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crazy jeans

Tonight I'm going to see Chris Isaak at Wolf Trap with friends. I was going to wear these jeans which I've been working on but decided that since it's so hot and humid, I'll wear something cool and linen instead.

In the meantime, here's the newest of spider webs. All it lacks is a crazy little spider!
So, instead of wearing these jeans and goodness only knows what else, I decided to wear some black linen pants, a glittery red top and this (Simplicity 4132).

I'm not at all thrilled with the way the neck turned out mostly because the fabric I used - a sort of satin-backed brushed twill - is a bit too thick. Perhaps when I have a bit more time I'll take it off and replace it. Otherwise, it fits very nicely and was very easy to put together so I'd definitely make it again.

Oh, and before I forget, since we're going to be in the area this afternoon, we're going to G Street!

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