Monday, August 21, 2006

Baby did a good, good thing.....

The Chris Isaak concert at Wolf Trap was WONDERFUL last night despite the seemingly 300% humidty. If I have 1/2 the energy he has when I hit 50 I'll be on top of the world. Not only that, the man can sing like there's no tomorrow. I'm sure if they'd given him another couple of hours he'd have gone right on. As it was, he closed with a beautiful rendition of my fave - "Blue Spanish Sky" -- a song I had wanted to play for my dear grandmother but unfortunately never got the chance. It always makes me think of her and brings a tear to my eye when I hear it.
On another, much lighter note, we met a couple of very nice gentleman last night at dinner who made sure we got to the concert in one piece and got back on the highway headed in the right direction after the show. For that I am eternally grateful. As it happens, they were also great company. Thanks Ben and Blair! (to be continued.....)

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