Monday, March 01, 2010

A New Dawn

OK, so I was really only going to the Doll Show to look. Maybe... just maybe if I saw someone who had clothing for Dawn (that doll made by Topper in the early '70's) I would see if I could get a pair of shoes.


I should have known better. I came home with this:

I also got a new camera this past week and I'm still getting used to it otherwise I'd also be showing you the clothing in the case and the 3 pairs of shoes besides the blue ones which go with the original outfit. I love working in miniature and this is about as small as a fashion doll needs to be. She presents a little bit of a challenge but I've found a great set of patterns on line by Alix North. I had gotten a set of these dolls last year and have made a couple of outfits already.

I'm looking very forward to filling that trunk to the brim and perhaps making a couple of quilts as well. Something '70's inspired for sure.

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Conversation Pieces said...

That always happens... whenever I say I'm just going to look, I always come laiden down with stuff! Law of sod I say ;)