Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I just spent the weekend in New England with my mother's family. We were all gathered for a memorial service for her cousin Hank who will be very greatly missed. He was the one who was always at a family gathering no matter how far, how long or how short a time it was. I think he would be delighted to know that we all had a wonderful time this past weekend, seeing folks we hadn't seen in a long time and getting to know the ones we'd never met. We did get to spend a little bit of time travelling around the area. I have fallen in love with Newburyport, MA. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up to a view like this every day?

The other alternative might be a nice little cottage along the shore at Seabrook Beach, NH.

We also drove around Haverhill a bit and had a look at the house my grandfather grew up in. That neck of the woods has very sadly gone down hill -- I'm sure between the city and what ever absentee landlord owns the building now they obviously couldn't care less. How's this for a before and after!

It's nice, though, to see that the house is still a sort of greyish-lavender. Grandma Alice would be very happy in that regard.

And speaking of happy, I can't tell you how happy Malcolm and Charlie are that I'm home. You know I came back expressly to cater to their needs 24/7!



Judy Scott said...

Hello there ~ just wanted to say thankyou for your lovely message ~ and I agree with you what a place to wake up to every day ~ its a beautiful place. I can imagine your grandads place when he was young I bet it was amazing, one day I hope to visit:) have a lovely day ~ Judy xx

Plays with Needles said...

I'm still dreaming of that crab in knitty -- have you decided to knit it??

Balwearie said...

I will definitely knit that little crab. I'm thinking I'll do it in a hand-dyed blue in honor of my ancestors who came from Maryland.