Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I won't grow up....

In the interest of some of the comments I've posted on a few other blogs, I thought I'd put up a couple of pics of some of the doll clothes I've sewn in the past few years. These were originally on my website (horribly out of date). I haven't finished anything recently although I did start a dress for my Sydney Chase doll. Anywho and without further ado.... I present to you....

Kitty -

Littlest Angel -

Tyler -

And Skipper -

I thought I had one of Crissy's friend Kerry, but obviously not on line. I'll have to dig for that one.


altjoujou said...

I had a Crissy! My sister had Kerry, and my other sister had Mia. Wahhh! Wish I still had 'em!

Your doll clothes are amazing! I know the wearers must be a happy lot! ;-]
Looked at your website -top to bottom- and although I can't stitch a straight line, I can draw/paint A LITTLE and your site, along with my kids & a couple of other artists, inspired me to practice the small skills I have. Just wanted to tell you that and say thanks!

Balwearie said...

Thank you! Sewing for dolls is a major learning process. The techniques are very different from sewing for humans. The nice thing about it is that the doll is always there willing to try on whatever you make and they usually don't give you a snarky 'tude if they don't like the fabric....

Your website inspires me to try some journaling. Perhaps when I get back from vacation (much as I'd like to take ALL of my craft supplies with me...).